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Where is the Garage Asylum?

It is not just one place, not just my garage or yours, it's more than that. It is in the mind & soul of those who "Get It" & "Need It". It is where we gather and commune: to turn a wrench, hoist a glass (alone, with friends or the spirit's of those gone), crank up the music, or just escape for a while. Ultimately, it's where we collect memories, parts & pieces of races, shows, cruises, or whatever makes our blood move... a little more quickly.

For lack of better words... It is a club, of sorts. One where members just belong, because. There are no rules, requirements nor expectations. Many have this affliction, more do not understand.

Regardless if the taste is for Brand New, Rusty Old or Something in between. Whether the passion be for 2 wheels, 4 or something with none, it's all good. There is a common thread, or chain, that runs thru... tying us back to the Garage Asylum.
-Bryan Goffe



Garage Asylum started with a history of participating in car shows, an eclectic interest in most motorsports, a camera and a growing appetite for related social media. Photography of various motorsport events and shows to promote through the Garage Asylum lifestyle brand is our largest ongoing source of material, evolving as a modern media lifestyle celebration. Our passion is extended by cross-promoting with a few in the racing community.


Media Credentials

The One Motorcycle Show [Press Pass] 2020

Grand National Roadster Show [Media Rep] 2020

Seattle International Auto Show  [Media Pass] 2019

Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational [Media Pass] 2019

SEMA [Media/Press Pass] 2019

Grand Prix of Portland [Social Media Pass] 2019

RAUH-Welt Begriff Seattle No.5 [Media Pass] 2019

NHRA Northwest Nationals [Media/Photo Pass] 2019

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association​ [Media Pass] 2019

Pacific Raceways [Media Pass] 2019

SOVREN [Media Pass] 2019

Viva Las Vegas [Press Pass] 2019

Portland Roadster Show [Media Pass] 2019

The One Motorcycle Show [Media Pass] 2019

Grand National Roadster Show [Media Rep] 2019

Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational [Media Pass] 2018

SEMA [Media/Press Pass] 2018

NHRA Northwest Nationals [Media/Photo Pass] 2018

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association​ [Media Pass] 2018

Mecum Portland 2018 Auction [Media Pass]

Viva Las Vegas [Press Pass] 2018

NW Rodarama Rod & Custom​ Show [Media Pass] 2018

Pacific Raceways [Full Access Media Pass] 2018

Portland Roadster Show [Media Pass] 2018

The One Motorcycle Show [Media Pass] 2018

Grand National Roadster Show [Media Rep] 2018

Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction [Media Pass] 2018

PRI [Media/Press Pass] 2017

Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational [Media Pass] 2017

SEMA [Media/Press Pass] 2017

Redbull GRC [Media Pass] 2017

NHRA Northwest Nationals [Media Center Access] 2017

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association​ [Media Pass] 2017

Pacific Raceways [Full Access Media Pass] 2017

NW Rodarama Rod & Custom​ Show [Media Pass] 2017

Portland Roadster Show [Media Pass] 2017

Grand National Roadster Show [Media Rep] 2017

Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational [Media Pass] 2016

SEMA Ignited [Media Pass] 2016

Redbull GRC [Media Pass] 2016

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association​ [Media Pass] 2016

International Motorcycle Show [Media Pass] 2015/2016

International Motorcycle Show [Industry Guest] 2014/2015


Garage Style Magazine


Garage Style Magazine is a quarterly publication distributed through newsstands, subscriptions and at special interest events such as Concours d'Elegance and Classic Car Auctions. Articles enlighten and inform readers about garage products and services such as lifts, flooring, cabinetry, insurance, tools and more. 

Modern Artifacts


Modern Artifacts is the creation of Jeffrey Meyers, a Portland based Artist.

Our industrial designed Signage and Art is a mix of many elements including Neon, Patina steel metal work, Leds, Motorized elements, Dimming and Flicker effects, Sound effects as well as Interactive Art Pieces.



With the introduction of the R-Strap (The Original Camera SlingTM) BlackRapid turned the camera world upside down, and to this day continues to innovate with new products and solutions for professional and amateur photographers alike.

Race Ramps


No other car ramps or vehicle ramp solutions can compare to Race Ramps. Every product we manufacture is made in the USA. 

RaceDeck Garage Flooring

Garage Asylum connection for RaceDeck Flooring

RaceDeck® is the original modular garage flooring and continues to be the world's leading garage flooring manufacturer and supplier with more styles and color options than that of all other competitors combined.
All of RaceDeck products are proudly made in the USA all under one roof in Salt Lake City, Utah.



G-Floor® is a product of Better Life Technology, the leading manufacturer of roll out vinyl solutions. Durable, designable, and high-quality, made from 100% solid vinyl solutions. The line has continued to expand, now including AquaTread® Marine Flooring, GrowFloor™, and most recently,  BILD™ Print Media.

UCoat It


UCoat It floor coating systems are industry proven. Our floor coatings are used by homeowners, automobile enthusiasts, shop owners, professional race shops, warehouse managers, marinas, military installations and more. UCoat It is the premier floor coating in the automotive service industry with applications in over 15,000 professional facilities throughout North America.

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